How to save money while traveling Europe

Traveling to Europe is an exciting idea, something many people dream about but never really get the chance to do. However, if you’ve already made the decision to go, then you’re already a step ahead of everyone else. While you may be excited about your new adventure, you may not be keen on spending hundreds or thousands of dollars in the first few days or weeks and find yourself coming home, no money, and not nearly as far as you had hoped.

Travel out of season

If you’re going traveling to experience these other countries, then that’s great, but there’s also little point traveling while everyone else is on their holidays. If you want sunshine, you’re going to have to pay for it, however, if it’s something you can sacrifice, then you will make a massive saving just by doing this. Also, there’s a massive downside to traveling in the summer, and that’s the tourist culture; nothing will be quite as authentic as it is the rest of the year as it is tailored to tourists who come on their summer holidays. The great thing is, you still have most of the year to make the most of, simply avoid June, July, and August.

How to save money while traveling Europe

Book one-way tickets

If you’re traveling to Europe, then you’re probably going to be visiting multiple places at once, meaning you’re not necessarily going to fly back home from your starting point. It also gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to time and destination. To stay on the safe side, it is best to try and plan where your final destination may be and look at the most expensive ticket home; save this money aside and do not spend it. While most people believe it is cheaper to buy a return flight ticket, that is no longer the case as many budget flights will charge you separately for there and back regardless; the value will be in what date and time you wish to leave.

Don’t eat out

If you’re really keen on saving money, then it’s best to avoid the restaurants as you will pay a lot of money for something you don’t really need. Sure, it might be nice to have a meal cooked and prepared for you, but avoid the temptation and head down to a local shop or supermarket and pick up fresh ingredients. It is always cheaper to make food yourself and take a picnic with you if you’re on the move. Another thing to remember is drinks; avoid unnecessary luxury beverages, if you’re out to travel and experience, while it might be fine to have a drink or two, you’ll still find a hole burnt in your pocket that you can no longer use for a more memorable experience.

How to save money while traveling Europe

Walk everywhere

This will mean you will be able to stay more central while staying central often costs more, to begin with, it’s better and much more convenient than staying somewhere cheaper, but then pay the travel costs on top. You’ll be able to avoid a lot of hassle and enjoy yourself much more the more central you are, but then make sure you are prepared to walk everywhere since you won’t want to spend the extra cash on a bus ride here and there.

There are plenty of ways to save money by traveling Europe, just stay safe, do your research, and you’ll be fine.