How to save money while travelling in Latin America

Latin America has so much to offer those who are looking for a dynamic and adventurous place to visit on vacation. You may have visited this wonderful part of the world, but, if you haven’t, we recommend you visit right now. Now, it might seem like this is going to be a very expensive venture, but, there are actually plenty of money-saving options available to you to help save cash while you’re visiting Latin America.

There are plenty of excellent tips you can find online that will help you save money and have a better experience. However, we like to think that the tips we are offering here are specific to Latin America. Check out these awesome ideas and suggestions that will really play a big part in allowing you to save cash on your visit to Latin America.

Take the cheaper bus

It might seem like it’s the right choice to pay more and get a more comfortable, swanky, and luxurious bus, especially when you’re heading for a long journey. However, we are focused on trying to save as much money as we can on the trip, and that’s the main goal here. So, in order to save plenty of money on travel, you need to make sure you take the more basic bus – sometimes known as the ‘chicken bus.’ These are dirt cheap, and the perfect way of getting from A to B.

Do your own tours

Whenever we go abroad, it’s tempting to try to book and organize local tours. These are a great way of ensuring you get a new experience and soaking up some of the wonderful culture of Latin America. But, these tours are usually overpriced, and you will almost definitely be able to get a more cost-effective trip by sorting it out yourself. Make sure you hire bikes and make your own way around famous sites, such as Chile’s Luna Valley. It will save you money, you’ll get to avoid the crowds, and, as a bonus, you’ll keep fit in the process.

Always eat local

There’s a temptation when you are abroad to stick with what you know, and eat at restaurants that have that flicker of familiarity. The problem is, these restaurants are often much more expensive and can drain your budget pretty sharpish. So, the best thing to do is to make sure you always try to eat local. We think this is the best approach anyway because you get a wonderful amount of culture and experience from trying local foreign cuisines. And, you might even wind up trying something you’ve never had before!

Pick your flights sensibly

It’s actually amazing how much money you can save if you are clever about booking your flights. This is especially important if you are flying to somewhere in the back end of nowhere. When you’re going to book your flights, you need to make sure you aren’t overpaying. So, the first thing to do is avoid the airline’s direct website, where you will invariably overpay. Google or Skyscanner are often the best resources for ensuring you get the best deals, and manage to get your flights for much less money.

We feel these tips are essential if you are serious about wanting to save money on your trip to Latin America. There are some other techniques you can adopt as well, such as opting to go self-catering. Saving yourself money upfront is crucial, and will really help you to shave pennies off the overall cost of your Latin American adventure.