How to travel with hand luggage only

Traveling light can be tough, especially with all the wonderful amenities we’re used to in day-to-day life. Packing light can really benefit your trip; wherever you may be going, it limits how heavy your luggage is and minimizes the possibility of losing a whole load of stuff. Besides, if you’re going traveling and you pack light, it stops you from worrying about what shorts go with which top, and it focuses your mind on the task at hand.

Get the right bag

This is probably the most vital part, is making sure you have chosen a bag that fits the hand luggage specification. Dimensions can change per airline, so it’s usually safer to go via the smallest, so you don’t get caught out. Don’t worry though, because they are all very similar; they’re just incredibly strict. You can check specifications online and then, if you don’t already have a bag that fits the requirements, then you will need to go purchase one. If you don’t follow this step, then your bag won’t be classed as hand luggage, and your efforts will have been for nothing. So, get the correct bag.

Photo: BURST

How many clothes to take

It can be tempting to take all of your very best items of clothing, but honestly, there’s no need. Make sure you pack clothes that can all be put together with each other. Don’t worry yourself over fashion sense; you’re going traveling, no one cares. Some experts have suggested using the ‘rule of three’ which is one pair to wear, one pair to wash and one pair drying. This essentially means you only need three of everything, even if you’re going away for two weeks as they’ll be on an effective rotation system.

It’s all in the roll

It’s not just what you pack; it’s how you pack it. This means that doing the usual fold that you do at home just isn’t going to work as well when you’re going traveling. We like to say that it’s all in the roll, while this may not be a great aesthetic for at home, it’s perfect for this. Rolling all your clothes into your bag will not only prevent creases, but it will also save on space.

Only pack necessities

What we mean by this is more the unnecessary bottles of items. You do not need to pack shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream and so on – not even the teeny weeny travel ones. The travel sizes are costly for the actual quantity, so that’s a money saver right there. More importantly, this is something you can purchase when you’ve reached your destination, and you won’t need to try and get it through airport security either. So, think twice before putting in anything you can purchase at your destination.

Photo: BURST


Last but not least, okay well it’s the least important, even if it might be a bit painful without it. However, technology has come a long way, and we now have the ability to pre-download TV shows, eBooks, movies and so on. This means ditch the physical copies, you don’t need your favorite magazine, and you don’t need to read those paperbacks. This saves space and allows you as much entertainment as your heart desires.

Traveling with only your hand luggage is much easier once you understand that most of what you’re planning on packing isn’t necessary at all. It will allow you to relax and enjoy your destination. Happy traveling!