How to travel the world on $1,000 a month

Many of us have a dream to travel the world. We want to see all the world has to offer – it’s landmarks, cultures, and natural wonders, but there’s just one thing which stops the vast majority of us – the cost. It’s no secret that traveling can be extortionate, but that doesn’t have to be the case. There are some easy tips that can help you to travel the world for much less than you’d expect – just $1,000 a month, to be exact.

Compare your options

When booking flights, hotels, car rentals, attractions, or just about anything else, be on the lookout for cheaper options. Most things have some sort of comparison website for your convenience, which can help significantly with saving those extra few dollars. You can also find comparison apps so that you can compare prices on the go. Always keep your eyes peeled for other deals and packages. You never know where you might find some sort of discount code or voucher.

Check Airbnb

While staying in a fancy hotel might be your dream, if you’re trying to stick to a tight budget on your travels, you’ll need to consider other options. Airbnb is easy to use and shows you a whole range of cheap places to stay, including hostels, house shares, hotels, and apartments. Airbnb has begun dominating the market because its properties are so affordable and convenient compared to other sites, and is easy to use in a hurry.

Restrain yourself

Souvenir stores are tempting, we get it, but if you’re determined to stick to a budget, you need to walk away from them. Souvenirs are often grossly overpriced and can waste a big chunk of your monthly allowance. Though we always want to purchase a couple of reminders of our trip, photos are going to be your best memories if you want to save money.

Do your research

Before embarking on your travels, do a search on the cost of living in the places you fancy visiting. If you want to visit Switzerland, you might need a much higher budget, seeing as it has been named the country with the highest cost of living. Alternatively, if you fancy traveling to India, you might be pleasantly surprised with its significantly lower prices. This means you’re free to splash out on nicer food and hotels, or simply save the extra money to visit somewhere a little more expensive on your next stop.

Don’t go alone

Traveling with someone else is a remarkably easy way to keep costs down, seeing as costs can be shared between the two of you. An app called Travel Buddies can also match you with people with similar plans so you can make friends and budget at the same time.

Whatever your travel plans, whether you’ve got a specific list of places to visit or you’re merely hopping from whichever country you’re in, to the next cheapest place, there are plenty of ways to keep your costs down. Keeping alert in terms of deals and places to visit is the easiest way to watch the dollars when you travel.