How to use your boarding pass for extra discounts while on vacation

Have you ever put much thought into what your boarding pass does? While it might just seem like a slip of paper you use to gain access to your flight, it’s actually the key to a plethora of different discounts. Who knew? Holding on to your boarding pass once you’ve landed at your destination could prove to be extremely useful. These are some of the benefits you can expect to find while on your vacation.

Singapore Airlines

One of the best airlines to travel on if you’re looking for discounts is Singapore Airlines. They offer plenty of great deals, including many in Australia. In the country, your boarding pass will earn you a Destination Privileges card at Burnside Village which can then be used for money off of many local shops. It will also reward you with exclusive discounts at Adelaide Casino and a free Adelaide Oval tour (when you take part in their Commonwealth Bank RoofClimb).

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to great deals, though. In Singapore itself, there are hundreds of discounts available to you within one month of traveling. You can get money off of gallery visits, city tours, safaris, and plenty of amazing restaurants. The boarding pass will even get you discounts on the accommodation you stay in, so you really don’t have to pay full price for anything. All you have to do is show your pass everywhere you go, and the offers will be applied.

Korean Air

Fancy visiting South Korea but want to save money? Flying there with Korean Air will get you all the discounts you need for your vacation. For the first seven days after your flight, you can get money off attractions like the Korean Folk Village, Lotte World, and Samsung Everland. What’s more, you’ll also get discounts on the National Theater of Korea, food and drink at several restaurants and certain car hire companies.

It’s not only in the home country where these offers are applied, though. As long as you’re flying with this airline, you can get money off in countries like Russia, Japan and Australia. Even the United States has some boarding pass benefits, including 25-65% off at all premium outlets in the country. You also have more time to take advantage of these bonuses when flying from South Korea, because they last between 10-30 days.

Alaska Airlines

In the mood to go skiing? Alaska Airlines has got you covered. With 12 different resorts across the United States and Canada providing boarding pass discounts, you’re pretty spoilt for choice. You can try out the Steamboat Ski Resort in Colorado, Sun Valley in Idaho or Whitefish Resort in Montana and get a free day of skiing at all of them. Hitting the slopes isn’t always the cheapest thing to do, so this is a fantastic way to save yourself some money.


Another airline worth checking out is Alitalia which flies to and from Rome. If you’re in the Italian capital to absorb some history, then you’re in luck. Your boarding pass can earn you discounts on various galleries and museums across the city, so you can give yourself an education in Rome without having to break the bank. It’s not as cheap as sightseeing, but now you can afford to do both.

Boarding passes are no longer just that scrap of paper you get rid of once you’re free from the airport. They’re an incredibly useful thing to hold onto, no matter where you are. Whichever airline you plan on flying with for your vacation, it’s a good idea to check if they offer any discounts where you are traveling to. It could make your time away a whole lot cheaper than you might have imagined.