Use these tips to organize your traveling suitcase

Going on vacation is one of the most exciting times of the year – but when it comes to packing your suitcase, it just seems like a chore. By the time you’ve got out everything you want to take, you’ve gone over your weight limit, your favorite hat is getting squashed, and you just know your shampoo and conditioner is going to leak in your bag. But never fear, we have the solution. Use these tips to organize your traveling suitcase.

Use a rolling duffel bag instead of a hard case

It can be difficult to imagine going on your travels without your trusty hard case – but actually, it could be causing more trouble than it’s worth. With a rolling duffel bag, you can still easily maneuver your belongings around the airport. One of the advantages of the duffel bag is that they are often lighter than your average hard case – meaning more weight for that extra pair of shorts.

Roll your clothing

One of the handiest packing hacks is to roll your clothing rather than fold it. Not only does this ensure you can pack even more clothes as there is more space, but this method also leaves your clothes wrinkle free when you get to your destination. No more having to spend your vacation ironing.

Stuff your shoes with smaller items

There’s nothing worse than getting to your hotel and not being able to find your charger amongst your clothes. And don’t even get us started on trying to find your toothbrush to get that airplane taste out of your mouth. But if you stuff your shoes with these smaller items, they will stay in place during the flight, and you’ll know exactly where to find them when you get to your hotel.

How to prevent leaks

One of the worst things to happen is that you open up your suitcase and find that all of your shampoo or all of your sun lotion has exploded all over your (once) clean clothes. Holiday ruined. To prevent leaks, open the bottles up and cover the holes with cling film. Screw back on the lids and look forward to a leak-free suitcase. It’s a super smart hack you’ll wish you’d known sooner.

Don’t overpack

Let’s be honest; we’re all guilty of this. We all think we need six dresses for our long weekend, when really – we don’t. One way to combat this is to gather all of the clothes you think you need to take together and lay them out on your bed. And then, get rid of a third of them. The aim is to wear everything you are going to bring with you, so think logically and plan ahead.

Take compression bags

Throughout your vacation, you’re stuck with dirty laundry that takes up so much room you can’t find space to bring back that extra large bottle of rum from the Bahamas. Because they’re dirty, we don’t care if they get wrinkled – so stick them in a vacuum compression bag and shrink them down to make more space for more important things. Like the rum.