Extremely useful apps for the authentic traveler

Assuming you own a smartphone these days, even if you’re not strong or fond of the endless world of applications, you probably have an app or two that you downloaded on your phone. Some apps can be more useful than others, and some are just there to fill some blank space and keep you entertained when you have nothing else better to do. In the case of traveling, though, using applications to help you with planning your trip, finding restaurants and getting around in a new place, have been proven to be very helpful. It is quite easy, however, to get lost in the sea of suggestions when you have a specific travel plan, and sometimes you may think that one app is made for one thing, but once experiencing with it, you find out that it has been nothing but useless.

When you travel to new places, whether it’s an adventurous trip or a more low-key urban getaway, we assume, that some of your goals include trying to experience the most authentic and local parts that a place has to offer. At the end of the day, it’s all those little spots, the hidden gems and the people that give a place the real charm. If you don’t know anyone local, though, it could be hard to reach those unique locations and you might end up missing on some of the greatest experiences that a trip can offer. We’ve rounded up 5 of the best apps for discovering the most authentic experiences, so you could have a genuinely awesome trip.


If you put aside the whole ‘tindery’ side of this app, it could be the greatest social experience of your trip. Dining and having drinks with strangers has actually become trendy in the culinary world. It’s the new way to have dinner these days by being hosted at chefs’ private houses to have a meal with a bunch of strangers. Grouper will connect you with the locals or just other travelers like yourself who are looking for a more personalized bar-hopping or dining experience. You don’t only get to meet new people, but also try out the local cuisine.


Road tripping is a great way to discover new places by driving around in your car. You do have to like it and get into the mode of it though. There is just something exciting about those open roads, not knowing where you’ll end up next. Roadtrippers is designed specifically for those wanting to take a road trip across the U.S. It will map out your path and will help you locate those hidden gems and interesting spots along the way.

Spotted by Locals

Just by the name of this app, you can probably figure out that it has something to do with spotting cool places with the help of the locals. After all, who knows a place better than the people living there? With this app, you will get user-friendly travel tips that are seriously easy to follow, that are given by local people. They will recommend the best places that there is no way you would have heard about otherwise.


Now this app is basically like heaven for foodies who are looking to try out the local cuisine and don’t want to spend their time on bad places. If you are interested in a place’s signature dish or just want to dine like the locals, Foodspotting, works in a way that you could search a place by dish. This might work opposite to most apps that have to do with food, but it’s definitely worth the try.


This app is probably the most basic in its concept but also the most useful when it comes to searching authentic travel experiences. It is full with all kinds of suggestions made by locals. From culture to food, to accommodation and shopping, you will get the most genuine guidance that you won’t see on those other fancy travel apps.