Why volunteering at a hostel is a great idea for young travelers

Hostels once conjured up many images, but they can now be the accommodation that lets many of us explore all around the world on a shoestring budget. Plus, it seems as though they can come with a whole host of other benefits, too. Here’s why volunteering at a hostel is a great idea for young travelers.

You might stay for free

Believe it or not, but a lot of hostels won’t pay their volunteers. The shock, right? It seems not. Although you might not be walking away with a pocket full of cash after a shift at the hostel, you could be in for another treat. That’s right; many hostels will offer up free accommodation in exchange for your help. This can be perfect for any young traveler on a budget looking to save even more money. Perhaps this might also offer the chance to extend your trip even further?

You could save money

It’s not just the accommodation costs that might go down – there are several other ways that volunteering at a hostel can cut back on the pennies. Some are generous enough to offer up meals as part of their deals depending on how long you work at the hostel. Plus, cleaning out the rooms might uncover some food that has been left behind by the previous occupants, while some other guests might even tip you for your hard work. An added bonus to your paycheck? That sounds like a pretty good deal to us.

You can meet new people

Many youngsters are beginning to travel more than ever with plenty using hostels as a place to rest their head. The chances are that volunteering at a hostel will give you the opportunity to meet plenty of people in similar situations. Plus, some may even be volunteering themselves giving you a perfect chance to meet new faces. As if that wasn’t enough, you might be about to make some friends for a lifetime or even find yourself a new travel buddy!

You can learn new things

Meeting new people is one of the many ways we can learn new things. After all, they might know about a secret destination spot that offers up some incredible views or the best restaurant to try out the local cuisine. That’s not all. Many guests will know plenty of skills they might want to share with others. This could be anything from how to surf to crafting the perfect origami animals. If you’re really lucky, then the other hostel workers might want to share their skills as a thank you for your volunteering.

It seems as though traveling no longer has to be just about seeing all the local sights on offer; it can also be the chance to offer up our time while getting a whole host of benefits in return. All you need to do is hand over a few hours a day, and you could be walking away with enough memories to fill the bank for a lifetime. So, what are you waiting for?