World-schooling: people who travel around the world with their kids

How often did you sit in school wishing you were somewhere more exciting? Going to the same building and spending most of your day learning can be a real drag, especially when you’d rather be out doing something a lot more fun. No matter what people do to try and make school more exciting, it still ends up being pretty boring. Well, if you’ve wished for a way to change things up and give your own kids a more stimulating education, then we’ve found the thing for you – world-schooling.

What is world-schooling?

World-schooling is pretty much exactly what it says it is. You travel the globe with your children and educate them about everything there is to see in the world. It’s a bit like home-schooling, only much more exciting (and expensive). It’s about more than taking your kids on vacation for a few weeks and introducing them to a new culture. Most world-school children are out of mainstream education for a year or two, if not forever. You’re essentially responsible for teaching them everything you think they need to know, which can put a lot of pressure on your shoulders. When done well, though, it has plenty of benefits.

Good geography skills

It’s amazing how bad some people’s geography skills are. Even those who have received a full school education can’t point to many different countries on a map. At best, they might be in the know about American geography, but that’s about it. How better to improve your geographical knowledge than to see where everywhere is for yourself?

Pick up the language

It’s more important than ever for children to learn foreign languages. The world is becoming increasingly connected, and being multilingual can be hugely beneficial for the younger generation. If you spend a good amount of time schooling in one part of the world, it’s likely that your child will start to pick up on the language, especially if you help teach them. Learning from experience is much easier than sitting in a classroom having the words drilled into you.

One big history lesson

Everywhere you go, you’re surrounded by history. Towns and cities all around the world are filled with museums and galleries that showcase the local history. However, you don’t even need to go to these places to learn everything. Each country has its own unique culture that’s been shaped by history, and immersing your child in that will open their mind to the way that different people live. Traveling is one big history lesson.

Artistic expression

Being surrounded by all these different cultures can also be hugely beneficial for your child’s creativity. When they’re in an art class at school, they might not know how to create anything outside of the norm. However, when children are world-schooled, they see for themselves how people have produced artwork using their own unique styles. If creativity runs in your family, then this is the best way to inspire them to follow their artistic dream.

Learning acceptance

One of the most important lessons that a child can learn from being world-schooled is accepting others. Depending on where they’re raised, a kid might grow up not being surrounded by other ethnicities and religions, which can be harmful to them in later life. Exploring the world will show them first hand how other people dress and what they believe in. Doing this while they’re young will show them there’s nothing wrong with being different, and that they should appreciate everyone for who they are.

World-schooling isn’t for everyone. After all, traveling around the world doesn’t come cheap, and a lot of people can’t afford it. Even if you can manage a year, or just a few months, though, it can do your children a world of good.