Report shows more people taking advantage of traveling in an RV

Coronavirus has had many impacts on the travel industry, many of which were negative. Businesses had to close up, rethink how they operated, and many were completely deprived of the joy of traveling in the year 2020. However, there were some refreshing changes, one of which was the renewal of doing vacations with RVs.
RVs were a popular form of travel up until the 90’s, when travel by plane became ubiquitous and, as a result, much cheaper. But because of the concern over Coronavirus, many have chosen to travel by RV, and this is likely to still be true well into 2021.

Work flexibility leads to travel

One trend that has been growing since the beginning of the virus, and that will likely continue to grow well into 2021, is the new flexible nature of the workplace. Many workers and students, who would usually be stuck in a classroom or an office, are now able to make their “work” any place with a reliable WiFi connection.
Many are choosing to ditch their homes and head out in RVs, regardless of the time of year, because even those who are working can park the car near a café, somewhere public, or just flick on the portable router that some bring with them. All of this has led to the practical ways people can travel, and work, at the same time.

Health concerns

Despite the studies, many have been cautious and continue to remain cautious about flying. Many studies show that the public is still hesitant to fly, but the same hesitance doesn’t apply to driving. Many are all too happy to pack the family into an RV and to hit the road in search of adventure and relaxation. And, with the newly introduced flexibility of what can be the workplace, many can afford to do this in the middle of the year, as well as the summertime.

This is likely to make RVs a hot commodity not just in the summertime, but all year round, whenever people can scrounge together a few days to work remotely or when they have a few extra days off for the year. Overall, the RV serves as an all-in-one sort of vacation, and many people will not soon forget the conveniences it offered them during the past year when considering their options for the future.