The most beautiful train rides in Europe

Taking a moment to stop, relax, and take in the countryside around you can be tough in everyday life; most of us are running on empty, pushing forward for whatever goal we’re trying to achieve next in our lives. Taking a train ride usually means a morning commute, but in some places, it’s the experience of a lifetime. It doesn’t need to be a massive voyage, but a trip from A to B can show you something truly breathtaking, particularly if you’re exploring the incredible European terrain.

Glacier Express, Switzerland

This train journey is specifically slow so that people get to take in the surroundings. The journey takes around eight hours and passes a whole variety of incredible and iconic views. The train goes over several ornate bridges, allowing passengers to take in the view from above, as well as passing through several tunnels. The train has unique panoramic windows that allow travelers to get the most out of their trip as they sit and take in the beautiful Swiss landscape. This route passes through the Landwasser viaduct which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as the Rhine Gorge. These incredible sites are not to be missed.

Glacier Express, Switzerland

The Brocken, Germany

The Brocken railway is an incredible journey that takes you through a variety of terrains. Travelers will climb aboard a vintage locomotive and traverse to the top of the Brocken. While en route up the mountains, people will get to see the breathtaking sites of eastern Germany, even having the privilege of viewing the plateau, dense fir forests and, if you’re lucky, some of the native wildlife. If you go at the right time of year, you can witness some of the most spectacular views. The train stops at the highest peak of the mountain, allowing tourists to take in the incredible feeling of standing on top of a mountain. It takes approximately 50 minutes and is 45 euros to board.

Flåm Line, Norway

While this is not a particularly long journey, as it’s only a two-hour return trip, it boasts of being one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world. Norway has stolen the hearts and minds of people everywhere, but this train journey seems to add another level. While slowly riding the train up a mountain, people get to see stunning waterfalls, duck through twenty tunnels, and try to take everything in all at once. The train travels from Oslo to Bergen and allows people to take a tea break at their destination before heading on back and experiencing the incredible beauty all over again. Many people have claimed one trip is not enough.

Flåm Line, Norway

‘Children’s railway,’ Hungary

This unique experience sees a train operated by children. Don’t worry, you’re in safe hands, as the youngsters are aged between ten and fourteen but are also supervised by adults. They have had special training and learned a unique set of skills to be able to operate the train. The line itself runs through a beautiful trail, where passengers will be surrounded by forests with a full variety of trees including beech, ash, and oak. This is also one of the cheapest train journeys you could go on, costing only a few dollars for this unique experience.

There are places all over the world that offer breathtaking journeys, but Europe has such a unique landscape with a variety of heavily-cultured cities that you’re getting more than just a train journey.