The most exotic destinations the Royals have traveled to

Whether you’re an avid royal watcher or not, there’s no denying that this family has taste. The British Royal Family loves to go on vacation, especially during the summer months. These vacations take place all over the world, from fancy estates in Europe to quieter exotic resorts. Sometimes, members of the royal family will visit former colonies or overseas territories which encompass some remarkable places that many people wouldn’t picture a royal in. Here are some of the more exotic places that members of the British Royal Family have traveled to.

Nassau, Bahamas

Nassau was visited by Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones, the Earl of Snowdon, in 1967. This followed on from a trip they took in the Caribbean in 1960 for their honeymoon on the Royal Yacht Britannia. They probably had a packed itinerary with so many things to do in Nassau including going to see the Queen’s staircase in Fort Fincastle, a legacy of Queen Victoria. Hopefully, they had time to relax on the tranquil beaches near the blue waters.

The most exotic destinations the Royals have traveled to

The Island of Necker, British Virgin Islands

The Island of Necker was graced by the presence of one of the most famous royal icons, Princess Diana. Interestingly enough, although this is quite an exotic location, and it’s owned by a very well-known figure – Richard Branson. It’s quite ironic that it is one of the Virgin Islands (although maybe that’s why he bought it). Though Branson hosts several public figures there, it is open to the public to visit as well.


Malta might be one of the most prominent places visited by members of the Royal Family because it is where Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip spent their honeymoon in 1947. Malta has a very rich history and has been fought over by several European countries. Today, it is an independent republic with its own unique language descended from a Sicilian dialect. It is a popular tourist destination because of this rich history and its beautiful beaches.

The Island of Nevis, the Caribbean

It seems that Princess Diana loved to spend time in the Caribbean. She visited the island of Nevis after she split up with Prince Charles. Nevis is a very quiet island, which is understandable because large parts of it are undeveloped. This doesn’t take away from its appeal, though, because looking onto the Nevis Peak, all one will see is a massive green mountain covered by huge clouds. Only near the shoreline do you begin to spot houses and cities.

Moorea, French Polynesia

Another exotic tell-tale honeymoon spot for the Royal Family was Moorea in French Polynesia. This is where Princess Caroline of Monaco had her honeymoon with Philippe Junot. The relation to the British Royal Family is a bit obscure because, in fact, Princess Caroline divorced Phillipe and married Ernst August who is a descendant of King George III. But technicalities aside, Moorea is still a beautiful place to visit because of its bountiful wildlife and the stark contrast between the shallow waters, which are turquoise, and the deep waters, which are a deep blue.

The most exotic destinations the Royals have traveled to


Recently, in 2017, Princess Anne and Sir Tim went on a trip to Madagascar with the efforts of saving an endangered species of bird. The island is built up in some places, but other parts are covered by deep rainforest and isolated beaches. This makes Madagascar one of the best places for wildlife spotting, especially since they have unique fauna. Let’s just hope the conservation efforts help save this bird for future generations to see.